Non Woven Felt

AMBICA JUTE MILLS LIMITED,part of renowned KANKARIA GROUP having its head quarters at Kolkata. The group is founded by SH. HARAKH CHAND KANKARIA & is controlled by Vice Chairman SH. AWANTI KANKARIA.KANKARIA GROUP is a household name in jute & allied products. The group is pioneer in jute & allied products & has also diversified over a period of Time in to Cotton & Flex yarns,Information & Technology, Security & Risk Consulting,Retails, Real Estate development & Construction, Agriculture & Social welfare. Recently the Group has entered in to NONWOVENS MANUFACTURING BUSSINESS, that goes in harmony with the Jute Business of the Group, The NONWOVEN DIVISION is planned in such a way that it can cater to demand of Institutional as well as Domestic Customers. The company has ability to manufacture Plain Carpets for Automobile Industry as well as domestic buyer & have facilities to manufacture specialized products such as low profile fabric made with perfect blending of Jute & Polypropylene Fibres, Geo Textiles, Filter fabrics, speaker felts.

NONWOVEN DIVISION is located at Companies campus at Haren Mukherjee Road,Belur, Howrah -711202, West Bengal .The campus also house the Jute divison of the company The Non woven divison is equipped with finest Textile machinery having capacity to manufacture fabrics from 200gsm to 2000gsm in width upto 5mtrs .

The Company is also planning to manufacture Structured & Velour carpets & is in the process to finalize the finest of the europian machinery,The Campus also house latest Testing facilities required for inhouse testing of the products.

THE COMPANY is a ISO 9001:2008 certified & is continuously upgrading its quality standard & is working toward getting certification for TS 16949


1) Plain Carpets

  • Automobile Trunk Flooring
  • Rear seat & Luggage carpet for automotives
  • Single & composite shade floor carpets for Automobile, Hotels, offices home furnishing etc.
  • Speaker fabrics
  • Plain Carpets with & without jute scrim

2) Insulation Felts

  • Heat Insulation
  • Sound Insulation
  • Seat cushion Pads for automotive seats.
  • Polyster soft fabrics

3) Low Profile Fabric

  • Door trims
  • Moulded rooflining

4) Other Products

  • Shoe Linnings
  • Geo Textiles for Roads & other Infrastructure projects


  • Head liner Fabrics- For Automotive Industry.
  • Designer structured carpets.
  • Printed Designer plain carpets.
  • Antiskid carpet backing.
  • Delour structured carpet for luggage carpet & dashboard.
  • Fabrics for medical & construction industry.
  • Ribbed carpets.
  • Velour Carpets.

Business Unit

  • Ambica Felt
  • Ambica Jute Mills Ltd