Since 1941 we have been leading the way for a greener, healthier and safer environment by promoting the use of jute as a natural and biodegradable substitute to a variety of manmade materials and everyday products.

Today, the promotion of using eco-friendly products in all aspects of business - from retail and commerce to hospitality and construction is becoming an important part of any firm's ethos and strategy. There is an ever-increasing obligation to ensure products in every industry are made from sustainable, reusable and natural materials and are urged to follow green regulations in every phase of building and planning. The hotel industry has taken major steps in ensuring that facilities and amenities are built and provided with environmental consideration and ecological awareness. We are committed to environmental leadership in all of our business activities, from operations to the design of our products.


The Jute Shop

'The Jute Shop ®' - a Kankaria Group brand has been created to specifically work on vertically integrated efforts for the conversion of raw jute into quality yarns in various blends and compositions, which are converted to fabrics and then to bags. [+]


Ballyfab ® - the luxurious brand specializes to cater to the most trendiest and fashionable people. All the products are animal free & supports PETA. We are against the use of animal bye products and strive for making luxury brands cruelty free. [+]

Whatever Fashion

"Whatever" celebrates the attitude, independence and confidence of today's fashionable youth. So go ahead, and let our range of Fashion Jewellery, Bags & Accessories define your sense of style. [+]



ISO 9000 Certificate


SA 8000


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Fair Trade

Fairtrade standards



Green America

Green America's

Climate Care





  • The Jute Shop ® - World's first Jute-based value-added products brand in the organised sector.
  • ISO 9001 : 2000
  • Ballyfab ® - The luxury bags brand
  • All products are free of animal contents and supports the ideology of PETA and Animal welfare.